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Release Day! An excerpt from BURNING LIES book 4 in the FIRE PROTECTION SPECIALISTS series

Meet Fire Protection Specialist, Brodie Welch and Air Force Investigating Officer, Harper Dawson.

We first met Brodie very briefly in the first book in THE FIRE PROTECTION SPECIALISTS series: BURNING DESIRE.

Brodie just had a birthday, with a big birthday bash that his buddies threw. Minus on little altercation with a fellow firefighter on a different team, it was a great party. Gets even better the next morning when Brodie meets his new, sexy neighbor.

He has no idea that in just twenty-four hours, he’ll end up in her bed…

And the next morning… she’ll have to take him in for questioning regarding the murder of one of their own.

The evidence is stacking up, but Harper just won’t believe that Brodie could murder a fellow firemen. Working together, Brodie and Harper uncover a plot so thick and twisted, it changes the course of their lives.

Here is an excerpt!

Harper sat on the front step of her new home feeling a sense of pride that only ownership could bring, but even that couldn’t change that today was the anniversary of the single most painful event in her life.

She glanced at her phone, which she’d set on the wood plank. The porch needed a fresh coat of paint, and she would enjoy doing all those chores and fix it up projects that came with her new job. Sam “Mozart” Reed had always told her she had a restless heart and she should consider settling down and taking a more stable job in the military, instead of volunteering for every dangerous mission she could get her hands on.

Her only fear was that she’d get bored. Of course, she had the sexy fireman across the street to keep her eyes occupied. He waved as he jogged across the street.

“Hey, I’ve got some bad news,” Brodie said, stopping at the base of the porch.

She tipped her head, staring into those dark eyes that reminded her of the finest warm dark chocolate drizzled over ice cream. “What’s that?”

“I’ve been called in for an overnight shift, so dinner and drinks will have to happen another night.”

“It was drinks, and you know where I live.” She flicked her hair over her shoulder. It was a blatant sexual move, and she had no idea why she’d done it.

“It will be more than drinks because I cook the best steaks in town.”

“And if I’m a vegetarian?” Someone needed to sew her mouth closed, giving her brain a chance to think through the things that she said.

“Then I make a mean veggie platter.” He winked.

“For the record, I enjoy a good piece of meat.”

His eyes went wide.

“Your mind just went straight to the gutter, didn’t it?” She really needed to shut the fuck up. Flirting was one thing, but this banter was the kind of shit that got her into trouble.

“Who? Me? Never. But now that you sent my mind there, I’ll remember what you like.”

She waggled her finger in his direction. “I think we need to dial this conversation down a notch. I don’t even know you.”

“I plan on getting to know you,” he said with a smile. “I gotta run, but If you need help at all with the move, come knock on my door, just don’t ask my roommate, he’s helpless.”

She laughed. “Are you cockblocking your buddy?”

His mouth dropped open, and his eyes blinked wildly.

“If we’re going to be neighbors and occasionally have a drink, you should be forewarned, I say exactly what I think, when I think it.”

“I had already figured that out, I just hadn’t expected it to be so blunt.” He leaned forward, stretching out his arms, resting his hands on the step on either side of her hips.

She cocked her head to the side as he invaded her personal space.

Oddly, she didn’t mind.

“And since we’re being forthright with each other. Yes. I’m cockblocking my buddy, and unless you flat out tell me to bug off, I’m going to stop by next time I see your car in the driveway with a bottle of wine and a huge steak.” He pushed off the steps, turned on his heels, and strolled across the street as if he didn’t have a care in the world. He hopped into his pickup truck. Another man, who she assumed was his roommate, equally handsome, slid into the passenger seat.

She fanned herself after the truck took the corner and disappeared onto the main road. Brodie had sent her heart on a tail spin, and that didn’t ever happen unless she’d been staring down the wrong end of an AK-47.

“Christ, that is one sexy man,” she mumbled. He wasn’t quiet six feet, and he wasn’t broad, but he was solid, with well-defined muscles. He had that All-American-boy-next-door look, with a dash of badass.

Pushing him out of her thoughts, she sipped her diet soda waiting for the clock to tick to eleven in the morning.

Thirty-two seconds.

Mozart never failed.

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