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    My mind is an interesting place! I spend most of my time thinking about people who don’t exist. When I’m not thinking about them, I’m calling my writing partner Casey Hagen and discussing them with her.

    My latest release, BURNING LIES, just went up for pre-order. It will be released June 26, 2018.

    Enjoy an excerpt!

    Brodie stepped into the garage and hit the clicker. The warm sun filtered through the opening. With hurricane season behind them, the temperatures had started to drop, but that didn’t seem to stop the lush green growth of the grass yet. He pushed the lawnmower out to the driveway, noting a white SUV parked at the house across the street and one door down with the hatch open. That place had been empty for the last two months since it sold. Someone told him that the new owner wouldn’t be renting it out, but moving in. Only no one had moved in yet.

    Bending over, still staring at the house, he snatched the cord just as a woman in a pair of white shorts, showing off tanned legs that went on forever, graced his vision Her black tank top hugged her mid-drift and breasts, showing off her tight abs and her curvy top. Her dark hair flowed over her shoulders. She peered over her large-rimmed sunglasses and waved. Her smile socked him in the chest.

    He pulled the rip cord on the mower with manly gusto, ready to show her his awesome stud status but instead, he yanked in an awkward direction and fell over backward.

    “Fuck,” he said with a moan as he landed on his ass on the concrete driveway.

    “You okay?” the woman asked as she raced across the street.

    “I’m fine.” Only his bruised male ego took a major hit.

    The woman stood over him, holding out her hand. “So, you’re Air Force Fire Protection.”

    “How’d you know?” he asked as his lungs deflated. He tried to suck in another breath, but it seemed for the first time in his life—a woman stole it.

    She tapped her chest, right above her damn perfectly round womanly curves. “I recognize the tatt.”

    He’d forgotten he was in only his shorts. Taking her hand, he jumped to his feet, only he didn’t allow her to help. He just wanted to touch her skin.

    His pulse raced with the kind of adrenaline rush he had right before he ran into a burning building.

    “Are you moving in?” Brodie asked, still holding onto her hand and staring into her almond-mocha eyes.

    She nodded. “I’m Harper Dawson.”

    “Brodie Welch.”

    “It’s nice to meet you,” she said, pulling her hand away. “I’ve got to get going. I need to get a few things before the moving truck gets here. I hope to see you soon.”

    “Maybe tonight we can have a drink. Yeah. Stop by. Me and my roommate, Declan, will just be hanging out. Might as well come over for dinner. I mean, who wants to cook while they still have to unpack?” Jesus, he sounded like a fucking moron as he babbled on and stumbled over his words.

    “I have a meeting I have to attend around five, so maybe a drink later on.”

    “Hope to see you then.”

    She nodded, slipping her large sunglasses back on her face. Her hips swayed as she crossed the street.

    Brodie tore his gaze away as he turned his attention back to the lawn mower. Jerking the cord, this time without falling over, the engine turned over once, then puttered out. He tried two more times before he realized the damn thing was out of gas.

    He snatched the gas can from the garage and put it in the back of his pickup before heading back into the house to snag his keys and a shirt.

    Declan still sat at the kitchen table, sipping coffee and scarfing down fries.

    “We need gas,” Brodie said, pointing at the back door that just slammed shut. “And I met our new neighbor. She’s stopping by for a drink tonight. For me, not you, so don’t embarrass me or hit on her.”

    Declan laughed. “Because falling on your ass didn’t shame you enough?”

    Brodie rubbed his bruised ass and winced at the thought.


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