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Celebrating a New Year with a New Release, a Free book, and a discounted book!

Whenever I sit down to write, one of three things happen.

I could either be on such a roll, that the words are flowing faster than I can write them!

I could be sitting there struggling, but still getting a few words down.

Or, I could be totally blank and need to go for a walk!

When I sat down to write THE LOST SOUL, I was at a loss. This is one of the few series I've written where it really is best to read them in order. Each book has a stand-alone romance, but the plot thickens and evolves with each new pairing. I know exactly how the series ends (which by the way, it doesn't end! There will be a spin off!). However, something happened in the second book that took the series in a turn I had not expected. Now, I'm a planner/plotter, so I have lots of notes and outlines. I often write out all the turning points long before I write the first sentence. But when THE LOST SOLDIER took an interesting turn, some things needed to change in book 3 and that, for a while, had me scratching me head.

I wrote three false beginnings before I realized that I had to bring Alexis and Hunter into the real world. Once I did that, the story flowed!

I hope you really enjoy this book, and the series. It's been so much fun!

Through January 4, 2019, THE LOST SISTER will be FREE on Amazon.

Through January 8, 2019, THE LOST SOLDIER will be 2.99 on Amazon.

On January 4, 2019 THE LOST SOUL will be released. Pre-order today!

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