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A Black Cat Detective

I believe the first animal I ever used as a character in one of my books was the horse Boots in TO PROTECT HIS OWN. The hero, Jake, had left the farm, his father, his horse, and the love of his life behind after he uncovered a betrayal so deep it hardened his heart. But when his father's life is threatened, he returns home. His horse, Boots, has missed him terribly and has become sort of a rouge horse. He pouts and often acts out by stomping at his stall door, or not doing as requested, or even kicking for no reason. He's pretty darn happy when Jake returns, but Boots is concerned his owner might not stay...

Boots was so much fun to write and I'd been wanting to write more animals into my stories. So, when my good friend Laura Benedict called and introduced me to Carolyn Haines and her ficational pet detective, Trouble, I jumped on the chance to join this fantastic world!

I was worried it would be difficult for me to copy the voice of a black cat from Wetumpka, Alabama, who has spent his time watching Sherlock Holmes and pretty much thinks he's from Britain. I read his Point-of-view from all the other books in the series, studying his various movements. Surprisingly, I was able to get Trouble's voice down pretty quickly. And, oh what fun did I have with him as he helped Ethan and Annabel with a Wedding Caper.

I hope you will check out Trouble and his adventures!


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