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Amazon Closed Kindle Worlds Early…

When Amazon first announced that they would be shutting down Kindle Worlds and that effective the following day the books would no longer be in Kindle Unlimited, but would not be taken down until July 15th, well, I figured that’s what they meant.


Well, they did take them out of KU, but yesterday EVERY SINGLE Kindle World book disappeared from Amazon. Gone. Poof, no more.

I had 20 Novellas in Kindle Worlds.

Of those, 13 of them will be re-released through the following publishers.

Twisted Ink (Brotherhood Protectors)

Aces Press (Special Forces: Operation Alpha)

MT Worlds Press (Paranormal Dating Agency & Sassy Ever After)

Decedent Publishing (Omega Team & The Phoenix Agency)

The others will eventually come to life in various forms as I plan to expand on all of them. So, I have a plan, but unfortunately, there will be a lull in when the books will be republished since Amazon pulled the plug early.

If you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive one of the novellas for free! You will then also be notified when the books are released and any other new releases I might have.


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  • Nancy Lent

    FYI I discovered the 4th that the kindle worlds had been put back up, but for how long is a good question. I’ve actually borrowed money to try and complete some of the series I’ve been reading

  • Lovelyn Mamaradlo

    This is a great post and everything but LET’S FACE REALITY: Most people who publish Kindle books NEVER MAKE ANY MONEY!

    There’s no getting around this harsh truth.


    They did not publish the RIGHT book.

    It does not get any simpler than that.

    Your book must be in a CATEGORY that SELLS! Just because you think a topic is ‘hot’ doesn’t mean someone else will agree with you. Worse yet, just because you’re excited about your
    topic doesn’t mean peoople will actually PAY HARD-EARNED CASH for your book.

    Next, even if you did pick the right niche, you need to make sure it is well-written.

    Sadly, very few Kindle authors know how to write… for KINDLE! Fiverr or upwork are NOT great places for Kindle talent. You need tried and proven writers. Check out http://www.ozki.org or other
    similar Kindle-specific writing services. Do a search on Google. There’s a few of them. I only listed Ozki because of their relatively low pricing.

    Third, you need to SELL an AUTHOR BRAND. Kindle books are not commodities. Best selling authors make BANK because they sell a whole SERIES of books to their fans. You can do the same by making sure your
    writer writes your book to string them into a SERIES!

    Keep the 3 tips above in mind if you’re serious about getting a snowball’s chance in hell of actually making money on Kindle.

    The bottom line? Kindle publishing IS NO JOKE

    • Jen Talty

      I totally disagree with your tips and I find OZKI to be scammy at best. I’ve been in publishing for over 10 years. I’ve been traditionally published, ran my own publishing house, and have hit #10 in Barnes and Noble.

      Authors don’t write FOR kindle they write for their READERS!

      Writers who write books based on categories, list, what someone else tells them to because it sells, will hit a road block. Career authors build their base by writing books they are passionate about. If I’m not excited, it will show on the page, and neither will the reader.

      You are correct in saying this isn’t an easy way to make money and many a talented writer won’t be able to break out, but your advice is not very good advice in my opinion.

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