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A Christmas Getaway: A story about life, loss, and finding love again

They say time heals all wounds. I’m honestly not so sure I believe in that sentiment wholeheartedly.

I sound like a pessimist, don’t I?

My entire life I’ve waffled between the belief that anything is possible, tomorrow will be a new day, that there is hope, and we can get through all things in life. But I’ve also straddled the pragmatic side…as in we have two choices

  1. We can sit idle and do nothing
  2. We can move forward, always looking to the future, but living in the present

I’m a pretty paratactical girl who likes to daydream.

I had an interesting childhood, filled with love, drama, heartache, pain…you name it. But really, isn’t that life?

A friend of mine lost her husband to cancer a little over 4 years ago. He battled to the very end. As a couple, they were positive through the entire thing. Even when it was time to break down and cry, everything they said had a twist toward the positive. To them, life and love, no matter how short or long, was a gift. Something to cherish and when life took a bad turn, that was the time to remember to live life true to yourself.

You do you kind of thing.

When I was asked to write in the Love, Christmas Anthology, which had to be based on a holiday movie, I chose The Christmas Getaway from Hallmark. Why? I liked the premise. Two people forced to share the same space in a cabin over the holidays because of a mix up in reservations. I thought that would be cute. I honestly thought I’d write a romantic comedy. I had visions of my heroine baking cookies, dumping flour over the hero. I had images of her falling down on the slopes, taking him out with her. That’s all fine and dandy, but I had no backstory.

So, I started with my heroine. She’s a widow. Lost her husband before her son was born. He was a pilot in the Navy…oh, me thinks this won’t be a comedy. Then I got to thinking about my dear friend, who is the strongest woman I’ve ever met, and her children, and how they’ve tried to keep up the traditions, while moving forward with life. Because as my friend always said, life goes on. So, I made my heroine a kick ass woman who can make it all on her own.

Cool. Now what about him? Well, crap. I like to torture my hero…so, he lost his wife and son the year before and he came to that mountain to ski fast during the day, and drown his sorrows at night.

Only, he’s stuck with this woman and her son…reminding him of everything he lost. But it also showed him that he’d never stop missing his wife and son, he could live his life and find love again.

The journey that these two take is about learning to start over. It doesn’t mean you forget, it means you put one foot in front of the other with your chin held high and do your best to do you.

I hope you’ll check out the anthology and all the novellas inside!





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