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A black cat from Wetumpka…

A world renowned black cat detective from Wetumpka teams up with a treasure hunter and a local sheriff to solve a Wedding Caper!

Oh boy, did I have fun writing this book! It’s different from anything I’ve ever done before. It’s a Cozy Mystery with a cat POV. Now, I don’t have a cat. I’ve never had a cat. I’ve had dogs. A few of them, but cats just weren’t my pet of choice. I like cats. They are cut and cuddly and amusing. But writing a cat POV, well that took some doing.

AND, the cat thinks he’s British, sort of. 

Trouble, the great cat detective, is the creation of Carolyn Haines and it is an honor to have been given the chance to write in this series with some very talented authors.

I struggled at first to get the voice of this pretentious creature, but once I got into it, I found myself loving this cat! Here is a little taste of Trouble, the great cat detective.

“Are you ready, Trouble?”

My new human mate, Annabel Wilder, scoops me up, mind you a little too eagerly, and scratches the top of my head.

With a sophisticated purr that only the most refined cats can conjure, I let her know that I approve of the delicious scratches. I tilt my head, so she can properly get behind my ears.

“This is going to be the one. I can feel it.”Her excitement over visiting the Public Storage facility piques my natural curiosity. I’ve never heard of anyone purchasing the contents of an abandoned storage unit filled with someone else’s belongings. While I find it highly unlikely that humans in England do such things, I believe that the remarkable Sherlock Holmes would find it an utterly fascinating opportunity to study human nature.

Annabel’s racing heart beats against my body as she glances between the elevator and me. She taps her foot, too, as if that will make the doors open more quickly. At least her touch on my fur is still gentle. I find I rather like this energetic young woman. 

I’ve quite enjoyed my stay thus far in Jupiter, Florida. It’s a quiet place, not like other parts of Southern Florida. Once you cross the bridge over the Intracoastal, the sea of cars clogging the roads magically disappear, and the sense of urgency to be in the right place at the right time slips away. My owner, Tammy Lynn, told me I’d have a nice, relaxing, drama-free time with her friend’s niece while Tammy Lynn boarded a yacht for a remote island to examine a few rare books with a dear friend.

I’m rather glad she didn’t take me. I doubt I’d appreciate the boat, surrounded by a salty ocean, no matter how good the fish might be.

The second the doors ding open, Annabel dashes through the modest lobby and races across the parking lot to her bright-red, hardtop Jeep. I’m thankful that, so far, she’s only taken the very back part of the top off. Unlike a dog, I do not like to stick my head out the window with my tongue lolling out. 

Such an unrefined species!

You can pre-order your copy of Trouble’s Wedding Caper now!

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