I am the author of the Award-Winning Novel Jane Doe’s Return. I am also a bestselling Author. Dark Water hit #10 on Nook and my books have been in the top 100 on Amazon.

I began writing romance novels while traveling from hockey rink to hockey rink as a professional hockey mom with three kids playing travel hockey. I nearly retired as only my youngest son (now 20) plays Club Hockey for Xavier University. 

I have a daughter who is attending John’s Hopkins on her way to becoming a Doctor! My middle boy just began a new chapter in his life and is working for his father in the family business.

My husband will tell you that he is the inspriation for everything that I write…which is true…and my own personal hero!

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The Butterfly Murders

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Special Agent Kara Martin has spent the last thirteen years doing whatever she could to forget everything about her hometown… where her parents had been murdered. She thought she could avoid Rochester, but when a congressman’s daughter is murdered she finds herself not only back in a place she said she’d never return, but working with a man she thought she’d never see again.

A man she once loved… until she broke his heart.

Detective Shane Rogers lost his wife and a year later nearly lost his son when his rare heart condition took a turn for the worst. Now that his son is thriving after a successful heart transplant, Shane goes back to being what he loves the most… A homicide detective.

His first case is the gruesome murder of a local congressman’s fourteen-year-old daughter, bringing in the FBI and putting Shane face to face with his first love.

Shane and Kara are thrust together in one of the toughest cases their careers and in the background their past taunts them.

As they begin to come to terms with the past, the bodies pile up. With each new murder, the killer takes a different organ that is commonly harvested. An organ they had received in the form of a transplant.

And now Shane’s son has been kidnapped…

Please nominate The Butterfly Murders for publication with Amazon Publishing!

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